Cartões de Historia – Mundo Moderno
outubro 8, 2020
Cartões para Memorização, Ciclo 2
outubro 8, 2020

Cartões de Historia – Novo Mundo

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Part 3 of a global timeline to launch your study of history

Audience K4-12th grade; recommended in Classical Conversations for Foundations through Challenge IV.

Accessibility The New World pack includes the Age of Exploration, the Age of Absolute Monarchs, the Age of Enlightenment, and the Age of Industry. It covers weeks 13-18 in your Classical Conversations community.

Preparation None required

Ease of use The back of each card also includes a world map pinpointing the event location and a general timeline illustrating when the event occurred relative to known history.

Author CCMM

Page Count Set 3 of 4

Format Made to last throughout your homeschooling years, these heavyweight 5 _ x 8__ cards are already laminated and have rounded corners to reduce wear from frequent handling.

Publication Date 2012

General Description

Classical Conversations has developed its own timeline of 161 historical events, representing major cultures on every continent. The events are divided into seven ages and produced as cards similar to our Classical Acts & Facts? Science Cards, with the event title on the front and a fuller description of the event on the back. Each card front also contains a beautiful memory peg image. Images were chosen to serve families all the way through cultural studies in the upper levels of Challenge.

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