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dezembro 10, 2018
Omnibus 4 Student Text w/ Teacher CD
dezembro 10, 2018

Omnibus 3 Student Text w/ Teacher CD

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Omnibus is the classical Christian educational answer to history, theology, and literature.

Omnibus is a Latin term meaning “all encompassing.“ Completing Omnibus III will provide the student a full credit in Modern US and British History I, Doctrine and Theology III, and Modern US and British Literature I. Combining these disciplines will have students grow in their appreciation of the unity of all knowledge, and all the material is taught through a biblical worldview.

The student text covers the post-Reformation to the present, teaching with the emphasis on ideas, not simply information. The Teacher CD-ROM duplicates the student text and inserts answers to all questions, provides grading tools, and much more.

This daily approach includes lesson plans and will make teaching and interacting with the greatest works of Western Civilization both enjoyable and profitable. Students will also apply and further develop their skills in composition, logic and aesthetics. Students completing all six years of Omnibus will have carefully studied every book of the Bible, too.

The student text assigns the readings in the primary and secondary books for each semester. We have gathered these books into discounted kits. The primary reading covers books that the student will interact with most. Papers, tests, field trips, etc. will generally be more geared to the primary books. Secondary reading is not necessarily less important, but it is given less emphasis.

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