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PreScripts Cursive Sentences: Ancient History

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Practice cursive handwriting and learn ancient history, too!

Audience Ages 7_12; recommended for at-home use by Classical Conversations Foundations students in Cycle 1

Accessibility The workbook guides students, allowing them to work independently ability to combine cursive letters into words is assumed

Preparation None required

Ease of use Plenty of room for tracing, copying, and drawing makes this book very user-friendly

Page Count 144

Format Spiral bound, consumable workbook

Publication Date 2014

General Description

Enter into the world of the ancients through their art and literature. With this workbook, students copy longer sentences about ancient history that correspond to the Foundations Guide 4th edition Cycle 1 history sentence memory work. Each passage includes a number matching the numbers on the flashcards so students can easily compare each lesson with their memory work. In addition to copying informative passages from history, students will also study the art of that period with 25 art lessons designed to strengthen fine motor skills, develop art appreciation, and further reveal the lives of the ancients. The art lessons include such diverse topics as symbolism, perspective, history painting, and movement.

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