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Memory Work Flashcards, Cycle 1

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Updated for the Foundations Curriculum, 5th Edition!

Audience K4-6th grade; used by Classical Conversations communities in Foundations Cycle 1.

Accessibility Each subject is printed in a different color for quick sorting. Subject, cycle and week are printed on the front along with the prompt. Answers are printed on the back for solo or group review.

Preparation None required

Ease of Use The cards are hole punched for use with a large metal ring, which can be purchased from office supply stores or craft stores in your area, which make carrying these cards easy.

Author CCMM

Page Count 24 weeks x 6 subjects, plus timeline and U.S. presidents

Format Business card-sized, printed on sturdy cardstock, and laminated.

Publication Date Updated 2018

General Description

These convenient and durable business card-sized flashcards are the simplest and most effective way to review memory work when you are away from your computer or CD player. Sturdy, colorful cardstock is laminated to make these cards last! Contains Foundations memory work for history, science, Latin, English, math, timeline, U.S. presidents, and geography.

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