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Pages of History Volume 2: Blazing New Trails – e-book

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Pages of History 2: Blazing New Trails

Perfect for family story time or individual study, Pages of History transports the reader through the timeline of the world, providing a view of God’s work in every age.

This second volume covers the last two series, Explorers to 1815 and 1815 to the Present, in the Veritas Press history series. James and Lance find themselves in a life or death situation in 16th-century England. James has been jailed for treason to the Catholic Church under the evil reign of Bloody Mary. He prays for an escape that only Lance can help him pull off. James struggles with helping Lance to understand God’s hand in history, while Lance is undergoing a transformation of his own. An excellent, engaging narrative covering modern history. You’ll love this series.

This amazing novel contains an Unapologetic Christian worldview and an Engaging approach to classical teaching

Covers the last two series in the Veritas Press History (and thousands of years of history) in the format of a compelling story. ebook 333p.

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