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Tour Guide: Latin DVD

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Learn Latin from Leigh Bortins, Classical Conversations’ founder!

Audience Parents and tutors of grades 7-12; recommended in Classical Conversations communities for Challenges A-IV

Accessibility This introduction to Latin is designed to equip parents and tutors new to the Latin language.

Preparation A solid background in English grammar will help students and parents move more quickly into Latin studies.

Ease of Use Simple direct-address with demonstration of how to lead a student through a Latin conversation.

Author Leigh Bortins

Page Count N/A

Format 3-disc set

Publication Date 2008

General Description

Leigh Bortins, founder of Classical Conversations, shares practical tips and tricks for conquering the important yet often unfamiliar subject of Latin. Leigh’s informal presentation of the basics of Latin grammar and parsing are sure to inspire and challenge any parent or tutor teaching Latin. Additionally, join Denise Moore, an experienced Challenge I/II tutor, whose passion for Latin will inspire you to learn this wonderfully useful language.

Classical Conversations’ Tour Guide Series DVDs and CDs are informal videos and resources designed to encourage and equip parents and tutors as they tackle these subjects with their own students or guide other parents through Latin basics in their local community.

3-disc set includes Getting Started DVD & Handouts/Printables CD

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